‘Newspeak’ Discussion With Radical Documentary Filmmaker Ken Fero

Documentary Filmmaker, Ken Fero from Migrant Media, discusses his documentary called ‘Newspeak’ which was the last film to be broadcast by Press TV on 20th January 2012. The film questions the relationship between Ofcom, the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries, and power. The film uses poetry and experimental visual techniques to take the viewer on a personal journey to reflect on how the radical content of certain images – deaths in police custody, Occupy London the invasion of Iraq, workers uprisings – remain hidden from UK audiences.

Watch Newspeak on Vimeo. You can also watch Ken’s earlier film called Injustice, an award winning film about deaths in police custody - and here’s a recent Guardian article related to it

Here’s his discussion with the Creative Activism class following the screening of the film.