Digital Dance Partners: Fusing Performance, Technology, Academy Industry- Sita Popat & Scott Palmer

Sita Popat is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Leeds, developing her interests in dance performance and choreography in a variety of digital and new media contexts. She has choreographed on dancers, robots and digital sprites, and is fascinated by the interrelationships between performers, operators and computers. She is also the Associate Editor of the International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media.

Scott Palmer is also a lecturer at the University of Leeds and his research focuses on scenography, lighting design and the interaction between technology and performance. Scott has written several books on Stage Management, Lighting and Sound including his current work A Lighting Reader for the Palgrave Macmillan Theatre Practices series.

In this talk they discuss their exploration into the interactivity between dancers, computers and operators, bringing together the fields of dance, scenography and digital art. They also discuss the impact they have made beyond the academy by working with industry collaborators.