Art & Technology: The Future of Interactivity - Johannes Birringer

Johannes Birringer is a German-born performance and media choreographer. He currently resides in Houston (Texas) and London, where he has been working in theatre, dance, performance art and multimedia collaborations. Johannes Birringer is artistic director of AlienNation Co., a Houston-based multimedia ensemble that has collaborated on various site-specific and cross-cultural performance and installation projects since 1993.

After directing international workshops on dance and technology in England, Germany, and the US., he was appointed head of the new dance and technology program at The Ohio State University (1999-2003). Since then, Johannes Birringer has worked as curator, conference organiser workshop director and consultant. He has published and edited several journals and his books include Theatre, Theory, Postmodernism (1991), Media and Performance: along the border (1998); Performance on the Edge: Transformations of Culture (2000 and 2005), and Performance, Technology, and Science (forthcoming, 2008).

In 2005 he co-edited Tanz im Kopf/Dance and Cognition, an anthology of new research in dance and science; he is now writing, with Angeles Romero, a critical manual on video and theatre, and a new book on interactive dreaming. He is currently director of the DAP-Lab and Acting Director of the newly created Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance at Brunel University, where he is a lecturer.

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