Serious Games Institute

The Serious Games Institute, aka the SGI, based in the West Midlands in the UK, focuses on developing the non-entertainment application of gaming technology and virtual environments.

Gaming has a number of applications in teaching and learning, as well as in helping companies to train their staff in safe and repeatable environments


Computing the Creative Way - Peter Every

Peter is a senior lecturer and course leader for Creative Computing degrees at Coventry University. Peter co-ordinated the DfEE funded National Information Design Network from 1996 until 1999. He has recently completed an IPED Research scholarship investigating the usability of discussion forums in an academic context.

In this Coventry Conversation, Peter discusses a number of future developments that combine computing with creativity.


Pirate Philosophy - Professor Gary Hall

Pirate Philosophy explores how the development of various forms of so-called internet piracy are affecting ideas of authorship, intellectual property, copyright law, fair use, patent, trademark, content creation and cultural production that were established pre-internet.

Professor Gary Hall looks at a number of ways in which the Arts and Humanities can engage their ideas outside of the traditional field of academic publishing, and how open access has the potential to liberate academia from its many constraints.

Please liberatepirate this lecture from us, and feel free to remix it and do whatever you want with it. You can also watch it on the Coventry University YouTube Channel

Visit Gary Hall's website to find out more work.


I Have Seen the Future - Peter Barron, Google

Peter Barron is an enigma; he left one of the best and most high profile jobs in British television journalism – Editor of Newsnight – in the summer of 2008 of his own violation. He jumped ship to the digital world of Google where he is Head of Public Relations for the UK and Ireland. Peter's spell at the helm of Newsnight was the longest since the programme's creation and the most creative – he brought in blogs, vodcasts and more.

In this Coventry Conversation you can hear Peter talking about the future of digital innovations.

Find out about the Digital Media BA (Hons) Degree at Coventry University

The Future of Gaming - Philip Oliver, Blitz Games

Philip Oliver is best known as one half of U.K. Spectrum design duo the Oliver Twins. Along with his brother Andrew they produced some of the most popular games for the system and in the 1980s, they launched their own highly popular franchise, the Dizzy series of games. In 1990 they set up their own business, Interactive Studios – now known as Blitz Games.

In this Coventry Conversation, Philip talks about his views on the future of the games industry.

A snippet from this talk is available to watch on CUTV


The Internet and Journalism - Andy Griffee and Alan Kirby

Alan Kirby is the Editor for The Coventry Telegraph, he joined the Telegraph as a reporter 35 years ago. He has since worked as News Editor, Production Editor, Features Editor, Deputy Editor and was appointed Editor in January 1999.

Andy Griffee is Controller for English Regions at The BBC. He became controller in March 1999 after just 11 years working for the BBC.

Together they talk about the influence the internet has had on Journalism, and their plans for future internet based news delivery methods.