Deleuze’s Postscript on the Societies of Control - Liquid Theory TV - Episode 2

The second episode in the Liquid Theory TV series takes as its focus Gilles Deleuze's short essay 'Postscript on the Societies of Control' and asks why this text remains so relevant in contemporary culture.

Liquid Theory TV is an experiment looking into alternative ways of disseminating academic ideas and research in the digital age. It is a collaboration between Dr Clare Birchall (University of Kent), Professor Gary Hall (Coventry University) and Peter Woodbridge (Coventry University). This episode first featured in the culture and theory journal 'Culture Machine' in January 2010.

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Liquid Books - Liquid Theory TV - Episode 1

This episode of Liquid Theory TV discusses the Liquid Books Project by Professor Gary Hall and Dr Clare Birchall.

The Liquid Books project is looking at rethinking and experimenting with new notions of what a 'text' could be in the digital age.

Liquid Theory TV is a project by Paul Allender, Clare Birchall, Gary Hall and Peter Woodbridge.