Men meets Machine - Eva Weinmayr

It is the technological advances of the analog printing press that construct our contemporary idea of books as fixed objects. Here,  immutability is a key factor allowing for mass and consistent reproduction. But now, with digital printing technologies, mass production and mutability live hand in hand. The values and attributes that define books are much more malleable than we wish to face and we must be diligent of where knowledge is being generated. It is undeniable that books are an incredible technology that will most likely never be abandoned, but that doesn’t mean they will remain the same. They have never remained the same.


Eva Weinmayr is a German artist, writer and editor based in London. In her work she focusses on bordercrossings between mainstream and independent media, digital and print media, cultural piracy, the fluidity of authorship, translation processes, collaborative strategies and open culture. Since 2009, she has been co-founder and director of AND Publishing in London.

She has exhibited at Contemporary Art Museum St Louis, Whitechapel Gallery London, KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin, Zacheta National Art Gallery Warsaw, FormContent, Matt’s Gallery and The Showroom in London. She has been teaching at Royal College of Art, Goldsmiths College, London College of Communication, The Ruskin in Oxford and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Her published books include (pause) 21 scenes concerning the silence of Art in Ruins (Occasional Papers, London) Water Found on Mars (Hatje Cantz, Stuttgart) and Suitcase Body is Missing Woman (Book Works, London)