Zombie Media: Media Archaeology as Circuit Bending - Jussi Parikka

Reuse, remix, remediation, and various other inventions of the “re” are an emblematic part of contemporary digital culture. This talk gives an insight into how we can reimagine media archaeology as an artistic methodology of circuit bending and reinventing old media into new uses – something we refer to as “zombie” media instead of dead media. The talk addresses how the methodologies of reuse and opening up old technology can be seen as crucial artistic methodologies to address the political economy of closed consumer technologies – and how this links up with the ecological crisis of information waste. The talk is based on the text co-written by Garnet Hertz and Parikka, and nominated for the Transmediale 2011 Media Theory Award.

Dr Jussi Parikka is Director of the Cultures of the Digital Economy research institute at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. He is Reader in Media Studies (Anglia Ruskin) and Adjunct Professor of Digital Culture Theory (University of Turku, Finland). Parikka is the author of Digital Contagions: A Media Archaeology of Computer Viruses (2007) and Insect Media (2010). His co-edited books include The Spam Book (2009) and the soon forthcoming Media Archaeology (2011). Currently he is writing a new book that investigates the new interpretations and theories of media archaeology. More information: http://www.jussiparikka.com.

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