One woman, a multinational and a victory - Shelley Jofre, Panorama

Panorama reporter Shelley Jofre discusses her investigated allegations that psychiatric drugs, in particular the best-selling antidepressent Seroxat have devestating side effects and are being over-prescribed to children in the UK and US. Shelly questions how much faith we should put in the medicines we take.


  • Jeremy Bryce

    2.30 in Jofre says - ” read a little bit in news paper about patients complaints” year 2000 about ” Seroxat difficult to withdraw from” .. Jofre found it intriguing Jofre had only just started working on Panorama at that stage

    3.30 in ” Jofre calls SSRI’s “SELECTIVE Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors”

    4.14 Jofre knew little of how the pharmcutical industry worked

    4 .30 in Ed says - lets look at antidepressant story

    4 45 Jofre says although problems with whole class of antidepressants we (bbc) decided to concentrate on Seroxat Why we narrowed down on Seroxat 1 because it was made by GSK 2 all the drugs in class cause suicidal thinking on dose change 3 Seroxat had a unique problem of withdrawal BECAUSE IT WAS LONGER ACTING … we decided to focus research into this drug

    6.00 in - 40 min Panorama film took Shelley Jofre 8 months to make

    6.10 in - It’s not something you do lightly WE WERE TAKING ON the worlds second largest drug company

    7.30 We were talking to the lawyer the whole way through production

    9.30 in - Jofre says “we took a punt” on Dr David Healy

    Jul 21, 2009 at 5:19 am